Advantages of Selling and Buying on this Privacy protecting Market site.


There are many Advantages to Buying and Selling online through Privacy Interface as an ethical, efficient & privacy protecting ecommerce/marketplace website.

Advantages for Buyers using Privacy Interface:

The most obvious advantage for you as a Buyer is that Privacy Interface provides you with privacy, ethical standards, high service standards and does not sell or violate your personal data.

  • Exclusive high standards, stress free purchasing environment
  • Perfect transaction protection: sellers recieve nothing until you recieve your item, internationally recognised Stripe payment processor use, no card details are recorded on the website server.
  • Product clarity, honesty and accuracy: unique measurements of products in photographs in addition to detailed item condition information and descriptions.
  • Enforcement of the under 38hr dispatch rule with photographic proof of dispatch in addition to receipts for all orders even those without paid tracking.
  • Preserve the value of your personal data: shop without having your personal data sold or tracked.
  • Absolutely no data-based adverts nor placed adverts, distractions nor pop-up spam windows.

You will not be subject to pervasive adverts here. Your privacy is respected and protected. You are not treated as a product, your data is not analyzed by Privacy Interface nor is it used to manipulate you into buying products you do not need.

Privacy Interface provides privacy for sellers as well as customers, through providing a strict rules selling environment that allows high quality and responsible sellers the environment they need to flourish and allows sellers the ability to set their stores to be private and completely invisible whenever a seller wishes for extra Privacy or for holidays from operating an online store. When a seller sets their store to holiday mode/privacy mode all their listings and the shop icon itself in the store directory becomes temporarily hidden for them which is then reversed with the press of a button on demand. Through this Privacy Interface provides a sphere of unique privacy, convenience and high service standards for both buyers and sellers.

More in-depth Advantages to using Privacy Interface as your place to shop:

  • The extremely ethical and high efficiency standards here mean you will almost never encounter bad sellers or falsely advertised products and if you do, accounts engaging in any 1 serious or 3 minor violations would be banned by their details preventing them from re-registering.
  • You can make ethical choices in your purchasing by selecting the country of origin and environmental certification in your shop filter searches.
  • Items listed on Privacy Interface Market Interface by registered businesses must be listed at the same price or at a lower price than they sell elsewhere, including on other ecommerce platforms or their shop website. This prevents the practice of retailers listing items at high prices to create an artificially inflated price expectation and means customers can expect to find an item at the equal or lowest price on Privacy Interface (and without having your data sold!).
  • You can make true product quality distinction searches, unlike on any other legal website (copyright by precedent by Apex Interface Ltd), you can search for items on the basis of Condition 1 and Quality Control Certifications. Condition 1 items on Privacy Interface are items with inherently high standards to their design or functionality. Some ‘new’ products are not Condition 1, such as junk planned redundancy products from China.
  • Privacy Interface has a unique quality index: we have rightfully purged the worthless and always biased and almost meaningless (and prone to manipulative use) seller-defined notions of ‘used-very good’, ‘pre-owned’ or ‘used’ and false distinctions between new and pre-owned, as there are always instances where products can be used, or pre-owned and yet are still in better condition than any modern mass produced item in appearance and functionality. Thus the Condition 1-5 system. The criteria of which is found in section 3 of the Ethical and Efficient rules.
  • The high efficiency standards mandates that all sales are dispatched within 38hours (1.5 days) not a minute more, except for orders made on days prior to days when there is no postal service operating where the rule mandates that sellers must dispatch on the day immediately after postal services re-open. Meaning you will not find the common online occurence of sellers selfishly accepting more orders than they can expect to process quickly and then taking days to even dispatch an item. Such people are purged from Privacy Interface when detected, producing a high performance community of sellers in their basic dispatch speed & efficiency standards as a result. Sellers sell only as much as they can ship within 38hrs with no excuses, a seller can set their store to ‘vacation’ on certain days to show they are overwhelmed (or do not work on those days, and when they have vacation set you will not see any of their products) and new orders cannot be made with them for that duration. Never again experience slow dispatch speed sellers. These rules always apply, even under the effects of Coronavirus, businesses cannot ever ethically accept and hold orders which they do not have the capacity to ship as this deprives other capable sellers of this business. Sellers sell only as much as they can handle dispatching in under 38hrs.
  • If you ever need to return an item due to a lack of quality below advertised standards by a seller, you do not have to interact at all with the seller, just with Privacy Interface which ensures a friendly, polite, stress-free and fair evaluation of photos/videos of item condition or functionality upon arrival. (Remember If a seller falsely advertises an item they are subject to an account strike, 3 of them and they are banned, permanently).
  • Your Data is never sold by Privacy Interface and never will be. This is a binding company promise for as long as or Apex Interface Ltd exists and under any subsequent forms, subsidiaries, names or contracts. Apex Interface Ltd and and any other URLs owned by Apex Interface Ltd in the future. You do not have to endure your data being used to influence your buying decisions or being used by advertising agencies.

You are not a data-product here, unlike on almost every other ecommerce website or website.

  • It is easy to search for directly what you want, with no ‘featured’ nor ‘sponsored’ products interfering with your search result logic or stopping you from finding what you are looking for according to the criteria you alone set. What products you see here will never be as a result of data analysis, behaviour algorithms or tracking. Testament to the ethical integrity of Apex Interface: the central Apex Interface Store does not have its own products prioritized in any way over the listings of other users that interferes in or alters the logic of search results.
  • Because your data is not sold at all by Privacy Interface on our efficient, ethical, privacy protecting website you do not have to click time-wasting acceptance notices when you visit. There are also 0 trackers here alongside the reality of Privacy Interface never selling your data.
  • Your browsing records, preferences or hobbies are not evaluated by Privacy Interface, records of what you view, what you buy or what you almost bought, some of this data is not even collected at all, all data overall is not collected in any form by Privacy Interface that is seen by a human (or A.I), this data does not get sold. This is a huge advantage for your data value versus using almost all other ecommerce websites (including the misleading ‘free’ ones), manipulative data analysis companies will not be sold your data to enable them to re-target or sell items to you in the future.


Advantages for Sellers using Privacy Interface:

As a seller on privacy Interface you are selling in a high standards, ethical and privacy protecting market environment. privacy Interface enables you to reach customers with ethical and privacy standards who have long since boycotted the privacy violating main ecommerce/market websites. You also do not ever have to worry about managing feedback, profiles, or dealing with unreasonable, screaming customers (or rival sellers pretending to be your customers to strategically stress you out) as all disputes and any issues are handled impartially by Privacy Interface on the basis of photographic/video evidence alone and you do not even hear about a dispute until it is semi-proven, then only do you have to present your images, dispatch/sealing videos and receipts (p.s: always keep proof).

More in-depth Advantages to using Privacy Interface as your place to sell things:

  • Protect yourself from fake return requests through the video/picture evidence only standards of privacy Interface returns & refunds. Protect yourself from fake claims by rival sellers or bad customers through the use of a pre-dispatch item sealing video or photo. For advice on how do this easily as an individual or company see the Ethical and Efficient Rules.
  • The ban on Credit cards eliminates the most significant cause (70%+) of fraudulent payments, helping to ensure sellers do not become the victim of fraud and protecting the integrity of sales payments. Show your products to the growing audience of customers who ethically oppose and do not use lending cards.
  • By selling on this privacy protecting market interface you will be protecting your own strategic company selling pattern data whilst reaching customers who care about their privacy and thus are not on and do not even use the big, data selling, privacy violating ecommerce or company online shops.
  • Precisely because of the high standards and strict strike system you do not have to compete against hundreds of thousands of low quality sellers that abide by no standards. The selling community is a clean field for ethical, efficient, trading standards rules abiding and law-abiding sellers who share the privacy standards (or do not violate the privacy standards) of our users.
  • The ban on all sub decimal point pricing including the unethical and widespread market psychology tactic of pricing items at .99p /”x.99″ and the ban on all other sub decimal price adjustments (such as 0.50) means sellers compete on a fairer basis with no need to constantly update orders to prevent being undercut by other sellers constantly by 0.01. This also means massively less work for sellers in updating prices over time vs. competitor price changes. This also forces products and sellers to compete on the basis of item quality and clear, professional, honest presentation measurements and accuracy rather than on which listing is a few pennies cheaper, forcing many prices to be exactly the same. This in turn reduces the pricing workload for sellers longterm. If sellers wish to go cheaper they have to go a whole £1 cheaper, this prevents an estimated 90% of anti-competitive price manipulation tactics at item values below £20 and prevents near to 100% of price manipulation at item values of below £10.
  • The requirement that item listing pictures show a seller physically has the item (or has had the item with out of stock items) and not a default manufacturer advertisement picture, prevents stockless proxy sellers from undermining sellers who actually invest in storing products and have the physical item in their possession and are ready to dispatch. This provides a higher degree of gaurantee of adherence to the 38hr dispatch rule and gives a fair advantage to individuals who own an item and store it in their home, shop or warehouse as opposed to the unethical, parasitical ‘virtual stock’ upcharging re-sellers and businesses who cause item price inflation.
  • To you the seller, Privacy Interface provides you with an incredible and understandable amount of settings and configurations to enable you to list products correctly, restrict or unrestrict where you ship your items to and even to custom design the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your own store page when placed externally on social networks and how your store preview appears when linked externally on comments sections or forums with preview functions. Enabling you to professionally link to your Privacy Interface store on other websites, platforms or in your external paid adverts.
  • The low 5% +25p commission is an advantage in itself especially when considered alongside the fact that Privacy Interface is not taxing you in the form of data analysis, to the financial, identity or stock methodology disadvantage of their sellers. This is a huge advantage to selling on Privacy Interface compared to other websites, for you as a seller with long term plans, an identity and strategic business plans to protect, large or small amounts of items alike to sell and whatever your ambitions and approaches to selling. Privacy Interface serves you as a platform that does not interfere with or sell your data and seeks to always protect your privacy.
  • Apex Interface pays the seller’s transaction fees for them from within the 5% + 25p charge meaning Privacy Interface is as cheap or cheaper for many sellers than using their own website (and will become much cheaper when Apex Interface negotiates lower pricing with Stripe) and is currently already 10% cheaper than Ebay for individuals (12/03/2021) and is 10% cheaper on average than Amazon (depending on item category: 1-40% cheaper, 12/03/2021).
  • Note: With the ‘Free’ marketplace primary comparison: Ebay Owns Gumtree and it is filled with Ebay adverts, inserted into internal buyer search results, forcing Gumtree sellers to compete with Ebay seller listings. Gumtree in effect sells your searches to Ebay listings to the disadvantage of Gumtree sellers (observed 12/03/2021). Vinted also tracks and sells data on users as a substitute for charing a commission (observed 12/03/2021). Almost all of the ‘free’ marketplaces sell user data (or advert space to their parent company or investors) to the extent where they do not need to tax sellers, which demonstrates the intrusive and unethical extent of sold user data and preference based advertising.