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© Apex Interface Ltd’s core concept design of a privacy protecting market interface dates back in copyright concept work to 2015 and onlined in development since July of 2020. © Apex Interface Ltd formed as a company on the 22nd of July 2020. Apex Interface was technically onlined in December of 2020 and exited into post-launch Beta phase on the 4th of January 2021. moved to on the 5th of April 2021 for a URL with a directly meaningful URL name.

The Privacy Interface is primarily an ethical, efficient and privacy protecting market/ecommerce interface: an interface to buy and sell from each other. This market is the 1st ‘Interface’ of 3 ‘core’ Apex Interfaces:


If you value the idea of a Privacy protecting market Interface and the further interfaces and wish to volunteer in advertising or development, make a profile and contact Privacy Interface through internal account customer support. The most efficient way to support the development of this service is to buy and sell here and ask your family, friends and shops you use to buy and sell here.

The Privacy Interface: Market Interface is the well established privacy protecting market interface:

  • Provides for privacy concerned (and non privacy concerned) customers by not selling nor analyzing user data.
  • Provides an advertisement free market platform that you can use without being spied on or having your data stolen & sold by 3rd parties. There are no privacy violating tools for seller accounts or 3rd parties to see the location of browsing customers unlike on other unethical marketplace platforms where customer browsing location and biometrics are sold.
  • A fair market system where products have to compete on the basis of quality: 0.0 adjustments in price are banned forcing products to compete on quality not on 0.1p price differences.
  • A shopping search system that enables you to filter products by country of origin, current location and uniquely: quality control certifications, environmental certifications and Privacy Interface’s unique ‘Condition’ ranking system which takes product condition description to a new level of clarity.
  • A ban on credit cards takes an ethical stand against the debt industry whilst eliminating the primary source of 70% of all online fraud, which is done using credit cards.
  • Ending unethical market psychology practices such as the universal .99p scam, which manipulates billions of people every year into spending more than they intended. Ethical clarity and openness in item pricing.
  • Enforcing the use of only ethical, national-contract trusted postage providers to reduce the number of missing, late or damaged packages.
  • Enforcing postage costs are set at the same price in each area with every seller to prevent postage costs interfering with fair product/seller competition. This also prevents buyers from having to waste their time comparing postage costs when buying from any seller within a national area relative to weight. Sellers who even attempt to violate this are banned, leading to a more ethical future selling & shipping experience.
  • An ethical shopping environment with no adult products in addition to a ban on any cult/religious support/practice encouraging products.
  • An emphasis on efficiency and shopper recycling in packaging. Encouraging shoppers to become small time sellers: You can sell an item in the box you gained from ordering another item.
  • No algorithms, predictive or preference-based advertising that causes users to buy things they do not need.
  • Free Store pages for individuals and companies to list their products for sale. Free custom search engine appearance options for every single product you list. This gives you complete control on how your product appears in search engines, for free, to enable you to achieve maximum item viewer numbers on your listings on Privacy Interface.
  • All acts of listing are free always, there is no listing fee and no subscription fees. There is no way to pay for extra visibility also. There is no pay to win or favouring bigger sellers in item visibility competition. For buyers, use of the marketplace is and will always be free, free on multiple levels as you are not being taxed in the form of being subject to advertisements or data analysis or personal data collection as found elsewhere.
  • The % cost of sale commission is calculated as simply: 5% +25p + Stripe payout fee. The payout fee potentially occurs when paying from Stripe to your bank account and is tiny. The cost of the payment processor fee is paid for you from within the 5% +25p so you do not have to interact with payment processors yourself.
  • Payments occur from the customer to Privacy Interface and from Privacy Interface to the seller, so customer and seller account information is never exchanged, maintaining privacy.
  • Privacy Interface alone acts as the objective & neutral arbiter in all return & refund requests, preventing direct communication between parties, ensuring a stress free experience for all parties in all potential scenarios unlike with online shops or other market platforms where customers are forced to interact with biased scum-sellers. The strict 3 strike system or 1 substantial violation rule results in the swift banning of unethical elements.

Future Advanced Developments to the Privacy Interface Market Interface:

  • Immediate Development (21/12/2020): ✔ Make the site load faster , optimize plugins, remove unused CSS, render-blocking resources, reduce initial server response time. ✔ Get the Page Speed Insights score from 36(M)/52(D) to a minimum of 60(M)/80(D)✔. (M= Mobile, D= Desktop.)
  • Improved (27/12/2020): Privacy Interface Page Speed Insights score is now 50(M)/76-82(D) as of 18/01/2021.
  • Improved Further (03/01/2020: Pagespeed Insights score: 64(M)/97(D) as of 11/03/2021.
  • Maintained high speeds (09/06/2020-2023): Continuous recorded speed score of atleast 64(M)/97(D)+ 03/2022. Increased and sustained the full loading speed of the shop system and all secondary pages by over 300% including the registration and checkout pages.✔
  • Future Development: an advanced 3D volume filling delivery size inclusive modification to the current solely weight factoring postage class calculation system to maximize delivery efficiency, encouraging people to buy within a size/weight class to reduce long term postage costs.
  • Future Development: The current 5% +25p Commission covers the Stripe gateway payment of + 1.4%+20p (European cards) or 2.9%+20p (non-European cards) +2p anti-fraud check per payment + this will be negotiated lower by Privacy Interface depending on the number of total sales so that Privacy Interface can lower the commission total to 3% which is currently not viable due to default Stripe prices. Apex Interface seeks to bring this cost down to negligible levels.
  • Future Development: to obtain multiple currency accounts and payout options to prevent potential international (non-UK) buyer currency conversion fees. This includes free Bitcoin and other Crypto Currency payment methods. International buyers should seek to use bank accounts that provide no currency conversion fees for buying in GBP(£).
  • Future Development: A secure, privacy protecting Apex Interface Auction system added into the Privacy Interface Market to provide an ethical and safe alternative to the usually unethical and untrustworthy bidding/auction sites that almost all sell user data or violate user privacy and basic standards in their transactions.
  • Future Development: An automated order arrived/fail-strike/unethical-strike auto review system not requiring identifiable names or profile traces in automatic reviews that require no human input to undo commonplace biased reviews and preventing false reviews in online shopping.

Known Bugs / Technical errors:

  • Some email providers were reported by Privacy Interface users in the past for delays in Privacy Interface system emails including initial signup emails. Solution: The following email providers have been tested consistently as working at normal speeds for over 3 years with registration and other system messages: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Aol, Zoho and Protonmail. Note: Users must click the email verification link in order to create an account. If this is not clicked within a certain time period, the link expires and the user must input their email again to send a new signup message.

The Privacy Interface: Social Interface is an in-development private social interface:

  • Encrypted Social Media network
  • Absolute freedom of speech for individuals
  • No social interest groups/cults/pages moderated by control freaks. Purely a private system for messaging and interacting with people you know.
  • A permissions based privacy system with no public visibility option. Privacy is enforced and there is no setting other than maximum privacy. People cannot search for you.
  • Add friends solely through a secure, mutual adding system.
  • Designed to be ethical and child friendly whilst allowing all opinions (excluding the encouraging of criminal/cult/terrorist participation/support).
  • Absolute protection of individual comment history
  • Detection systems to detect copying for banning of those who copy comments to any external system.
  • Those that violate the privacy of others become banned and have their details given to the person whose privacy they violated: the ultimate deterrent against privacy violations.

The Privacy Interface: Public Interface is an in-development public social interface:

  • A social environment free from all ‘influence peddlers’. The Public Interface will be ensuring free speech prominence for individuals by preventing individual discourse from being dominated or swamped by the influence of corporate advertising groups, religious denominations, political parties, political campaigns or cult groups/figures.
  • No ability to shadowban. A ban on the shadowbanning of humans. A ban on any form of ranking preference capacity giving disadvantage or advantage to certain humans because of their number of followers or viewers. Equality of opportunity for all users.*
  • *Public comment visibility is defined by time since the publishing of the comment multiplied by user votes and interactions. So the most interacted with, most voted for content becomes visible for longer to more people, not because the person who published it has more supporters.
  • Absolute protection of individual comment history, including in the program form a block against printscreen, overlay or CTRL-C recording indicators. Mechanisms to prevent external logging of public messaging (such as 3rd party websites or bots that crawl messages and record them elsewhere) to enable an individual to have improved privacy control over their public message history. No ability for API integrations with 3rd party systems that track, log into or collate messages.
  • Privacy Interface will act as a publisher not as a platform, taking responsibility for content posted and ensuring the copyright of user comments under Privacy Interfaces own copyright. Whilst faithfully enabling users to delete their own comment history whenever they want through the click of a button (no backups to ensure privacy control, so be careful around that delete all comments button!).
  • Event and season specific rule exceptions such as April fools day rampages (where cults are allowed on for 1 day), Halloween ghost glitchy/weird account appearances and Easter, clickable easter eggs hidden in posts somewhere. These events will occur with actual rewards such as Apex Store discount prizes and exclusive thingies.
  • Protection against bullying, cancelling or harassment of individuals by orchestrated groups of other users. Protecting the right to expression of human users.
  • Complete ban on all non-sentient users and automatic message input systems.
  • A large, comfortable character limit of 400 words, to permit normal, non compressed linguistic patterns, with a ban on hyperlinks to prevent advertising violations. Links only to Privacy Interface hosted content.
  • 1 Character linking (through the use of an icon in the shape of the type of content) to videos, podcasts, radio shows, video programs and pictures stored and hosted on Privacy Interface and made by Privacy Interface social interface users.
  • A searchable video, text or image priority display section integrated into the public interface, in effect creating a seamless video, sound and image sharing community within the public interfacing network. This content can also be shared to private social interfacing pages, messages and instantaneous chat interfacing (but not the other way around to enforce privacy through various methods).
  • Low resolution video and images will automatically be anti-aliased and smoothed to artificially improve quality at low or metered bandwidths ensuring efficient, decent quality access for users from all parts and remote areas of the Earth and the wider solar system.

Apex Interface had the 3 interfaces testing in October of 2020 however the Social and Public Interfaces were removed prior to launch, the launch of these systems will occur when they are developed to a standard satisfying the advanced design concepts. Currently under development are these 2 remaining primary interfaces that compose the core triangle of the Privacy Interface 3 interfaces.

These platforms will always protect user data privacy and will seek to be very efficient to use and quick to load on slow connections with an unrivalled, absolute protection of user privacy, with no adverts permitted, nor algorithmic or other analysis of user data occurring.