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Privacy Interface Privacy Policy

The Privacy and Ethics Focused Online Market and Social Media Interface.

No personal user Data is Sold or Analysed for commercial purposes.

The Internet like it was supposed to be.

Section 1: Privacy Interface User Contract governing Data, Rules and the Protection of Privacy

Section 2: Exception to user privacy regulations to facilitate medical emergency intervention

Section 3: Measures against Data violation of Privacy Interface users by other Privacy Interface users

Section 4: Measures against Data violations by fake users intending to gather data

Section 5: Privacy Interface User Data restrictions on Sellers

Section 6: Privacy Interface Internal Data Security

Section 7: Product Picture Privacy and Ownership

Section 8: Cookies: Technical Necessities

Section 9: Embedded content: User Embedded content & URL links are banned

Section 10: Banned User Data rights

Section 11: Measures against the Exploitation of Privacy Interface

Section 12: Data breach (User Profile & Financial) notification policies

Section 13: User on User data exploitation notification policies

Note: This privacy document also includes privacy policies that are practically relevant only for the in-development public interface and social interface platforms yet to be released. Privacy policies for the marketplace also cover these currently non-accessible systems and social profiles which are the focus of some rules which have no effect on (but still apply to) average marketplace use.

Privacy Interface User Contract governing Data, Rules and the Protection of Privacy:

Section 1:

No personal user Data is Sold. No data is collected beyond user input data. Input profile data is visible only to the Privacy Interface system. Privacy Interface alone uses your data to facilitate your use of the website. This data is not used internally for any advertising. Privacy Interface does not use trackers, algorithms nor does privacy interface generate data points from marketplace browsing.

Purchases and Deliveries: No data is willingly transfered except to facilitate an order made after a purchase by a marketplace user solely for delivery. At the instance of the creation of an order, after a verified purchase; your order address, email and name (can be a pseudonym) are temporarily shown to a seller and Privacy Interface via the seller dashboard order tab and seller order notification email. Sellers agree to strict terms and conditions enforcing them to delete this email after order processing. No one other than the administrators of Apex Interface have direct access to your data. Outside of this purpose your data does not willingly go beyond this URL or the server(s) it is based on except at the point where entered or viewed from your computer and this website’s server(s). Sellers unless required by law in their legal jurisdiction do not have to include additional data in the package beyond what is detailed in their marketplace shop profile. The Privacy Interface system holds full information from both sides for use if an order is reported as missing or is damaged or disputed.

The Privacy Interface system stores solely the data that you manually input into your account details. Privacy Interface system stores and displays only uploaded product pictures provided by sellers. Privacy Interface administrators alone can see the internal profile information. This data persists only until the user who inputs this data deletes it. Privacy Interface can also process data deletion upon request from a user in good standing. All users can see, edit, or delete their personal information at any time (except they cannot change their system username or close their account within 30 days of an order or sale for fraud prevention purposes or if they are a ‘banned user’). Accounts that are clearly computer controlled or spam advertising or observation accounts will be locked and their data used to prevent that computer or person from creating more accounts.

A user is defined as anyone who has an account in good standing on, any service, app or program operated by Privacy Interface. Banned user data is also not transferred out of Privacy Interface systems except in instances where a user is banned for violating national laws or for violating in any way; the data privacy of another user. In these instances: the violated user gains the details of the user that violated their data privacy and system evidence proving the privacy violation to facilitate legal action or to compose a police report.

‘Banned users’ are not users in good standing and are subject to abuse deterrence rules and forfeit internal control over their input data to prevent the abuse of other Privacy Interface users and Privacy Interface. The banned user’s full data is retained without limit and is used to stop them from re-registering or using Apex Interface Ltd services in any form permanently.

Apex Interface Ltd is the data controller of information involved in the use of this website.

Exception to user privacy regulations to facilitate medical emergency intervention in emergency medical situations:

Section 2:

In the event that a life risking medical situation is relayed by a user privately in messages or instant chat to another user, then and only then, upon permission of that user or realisation that a ‘cry for help’ is being made is an Privacy Interface user permitted to report personally identifiable information directly to authorities about other users without becoming a banned user. This is solely for serious medical situations and no other situations.

Reporting the contents of a private message of a user without their direct permission will always result in an account ban with the exception of instances of life saving situations.

An example of an exception situation: Person 1, whom is known to be at risk from a heart attack, is reporting chest pains to Person 2 in a chat window and states they think they are having a heart attack, followed by no typing and no replies with their online status being constant. In this instance Person 2 can relay location or identity information about Person 1 to a 999 call centre or national EMS/Emergency medical responder/Ambulance/Hospital service system.

Measures against Data violation of Privacy Interface users by other Privacy Interface users:

Section 3:

If a user violates the Data privacy of another user Privacy Interface reserves the right to present the details of users who violated the privacy of other users to those they violated, upon becoming banned users. This is done only in cases where irrefutable proof is ascertained from a system level or proof beyond reasonable contextual doubt is presented by a victim with a clear and system visible connection and pattern of observation detected by the party that engaged in privacy violation (copying or relaying material from any private, or friend visible activity of any user on Privacy Interface social interface or any other platform operated by Apex Interface Ltd).

Privacy Interface reserves the right to provide or publish evidence (gained from the actions of Banned users) to the defence of individuals manipulated as a result of manipulations by a rival person, company, political entity or any other similar; bullying, entrapment or manipulation attempts. Users who engage in any serious form of manipulative social behaviour will be banned and have their details relayed to the victim for legal measures. Privacy Interface reserves the right to investigate whether an organisation or person operating any user profile has a criminal or negative public online record (as determined by privacy interface) of violating or neglecting the privacy of other people online and to reactively ban these people in order to protect the privacy of Privacy Interface users and the social atmosphere of the social interface and public interface against unethical persons or entities.

Measures against Data violations of Privacy Interface, Privacy Interface users by fake users intending to gather data:

Section 4:

Privacy Interface records failed login attempts and maintains a database of IP addresses of failed login attempts for security purposes. Privacy Interface temporarily blocks IP addresses from form input fields that fail login 3 times. Privacy Interface may use this data to trace & report potential hacking attempts.

Any person engaging in market advertising, corporate espionage, or is an employee of a company that has a record of or is likely to attempt to engage in advertising or corporate espionage or ascertaining information about any user’s or privacy interface’s information or business plans for reasons of publicity, political/financial gain or any other reason agrees to have their data published or transfered in addition to surrendering all input information.

The data of privacy violating users will be used by Privacy Interface to facilitate legal action against them. entities or persons who violated the privacy of specific Privacy Interface users or the overall Privacy Interface community acknowledge that information indicating they intended to or managed to violate the privacy of any user of Privacy Interface is being recorded openly by Privacy Interface with their knowledge and as such is viable to use against them in court. Privacy Interface will also transfer the identity data of the privacy violating user(s) to the user(s) who these entities or persons violated to faciliate legal cases against them for privacy violations and or damages.

All private communications on Privacy Interface are private communications and any external party violating this will be pursued with legal action by both Privacy Interface and encouraged to be pursued individually or with Privacy Interface publicity supported class action lawsuits by the users who were violated. The data of users banned for privacy violations of other users ceases to be private.

User Data restrictions on Sellers

Section 5:

The market system facilitating transactions relays your delivery address to a seller only when you complete a buy order for an item from that specific seller.

That seller is required by Privacy Interface to immediately delete your address label details after printing and dispatch

To prevent fraud item-specific, detailed records of the transaction are maintained long term exclusively by Privacy Interface. Card details are not stored on this website. The payment to Apex Interface Ltd is via Stripe payment processor servers and these details are not stored on Privacy Interface and are not shared with sellers. Sellers never receive direct customer financial details. Sellers who attempt to ask customers for their financial details in any manner will be banned & reported to law enforcement. Privacy Interface does not transfer funds for sales to sellers until receipt of the item is confirmed or a length of time has passed depending on the standing of the seller. This minimizes risk over cancellations.

Privacy Interface user data does not and never belongs to any external company or person (sellers are external persons and user data never belongs to them, user data is shown to them solely to facilitate a delivery). The shown data is the address detail to facilitate a delivery. This is the information or label file used to facilitate the printing or writing of an address label for your package and any email notification of the buy order containing this the seller receives.

It is against Privacy Interface policy for sellers to copy or transfer this address to any system beyond Privacy Interface, including for example online 3rd party automated mail label printing services* and if they have done such or if it is found to be their policy to do so (for example the customer receives an item with a printed label from a 3rd party label printing website due to laziness of the seller) they will be banned from using Privacy Interface permanently.

The input of a buyers address or order name into any external form* or retention of the address and order name of a customer by any seller will be considered a data violation by Privacy Interface and result in an account ban as determined by Privacy Interface.

*With the exception of reputable government or government contract operating postage provider sites, which will see the address anyway during delivery and only if it is necessary to print the label, this does not include 3rd party label printing services. These are all banned. Using any 3rd/4th party online label printing systems will result in a strike, upon report by a customer of a label with markings or branding from a 3rd party source.

Sellers must remove any personal details from re-used packages, including personal details of persons who are not Privacy Interface users. Sellers must also remove any old postal barcodes or identification numbers from re-used packages.

Long term internal record retention (in accordance with legal limits) to prevent fraud or abuse is observed solely by Privacy Interface alone in the form of retaining the records from both sides of transactions and sellers are not ever permitted to hold copies or lists of user addresses beyond the period where they are required to facilitate delivery (38hrs). Sellers are obliged to make an effort to routinely ensure that they do not have in their possession any buyer addresses or order names.

Privacy Interface regulates any disputes, handles all issues of payment and payment reversal and thus only the Privacy Interface system is required to hold the data of the transaction in the long term. This data on the Privacy System is then removed in accordance with standards imposed by Privacy Interface’s legal jurisdiction (England).

Note: Any employee of a private company that notices that their company takes and stores the addresses or order names of Privacy Interface customers who bought products from them should report their company to Privacy Interface in return for Privacy Interface profile bonuses and potentially a job with Privacy Interface (where reporting your company for violating our standards results in your dismissal, p.s take them to court for unfair dismissal first) and to assist Apex Interface Ltd in taking legal action against such entities for violating the privacy of Privacy Interface users and data theft from Privacy Interface.

Sellers that violate the privacy of Privacy Interface customers will be banned and their data in return will be given to the user whose data they violated, for retaliatory legal measures in which Privacy Interface will pro-actively provide assistance and evidence to users against companies, inviduals, parties or agents that violated Privacy Interface or Privacyx Interface user’s privacy.

Internal Data Security:

Section 6:

Registration details are recorded and visible only to Privacy Interface: Including IP address and all the information you input. Privacy Interface system records the login time and date of users. Note: This data is recorded so that in the event of attempted fraud, link spammer bots or users that accumulate 3 small ethical conduct strikes against their account or 1 data or 1 major ethical conduct violation strike, these details can then be used to block that person or computer from accessing the site and all associated and future developed apps and platforms permanently. The web server hosting Privacy does not store any financial details.

Product Picture Privacy and Ownership:

Section 7:

By the nature of the intention behind their upload, pictures of products are public and visible to all Privacy Interface users who view them.

Users transfer the rights over image files uploaded to Privacy Interface to Privacy Interface until Privacy Interface deletes a picture. These pictures can be deleted from the media library of a user but not from use by Privacy Interface for that product. Users grant Privacy Interface and Privacy Interface users* permission to use viable pictures uploaded by users as the default product picture of a product until a clearer or more illustrative picture is assigned by Privacy Interface or another user. *Users must always upload a minimum of 2 photos unique to and proving the existence of their product for a listing to be valid.

Users are not permitted to upload pictures with people, any personal details or discernable locations inserted into the picture. Users are not permitted to photograph themselves in their product pictures even if they have their own permission to do so.

The sole exception to this rule is printed photographs or DVDs under the following conditions: A printed photograph or DVD based video, or other media including a human or human(s) is being sold that item must have the written permission of every human in that photo in the product description no matter the resolution. (This is an intended and deliberate ban on selling printed pictures or videos of people or locations with (non paid actor) humans in documentaries or landscape photos that violate peoples privacy).

Sellers transfer copyright ownership of uploaded picture files to Privacy Interface for the duration of their use. All logos, copyright material or trademarks belong to their respective owners and must only be included in product photos where they are a part of the physical product, the seller assumes all legal liability for the legitimate use of such for selling or re-selling an item through pictures they upload.

The sole identifiers, text or logos permitted are those that are a physical part of the product, or printed by the manufacturer on the product. The only additional identifiers, text or logos permitted in pictures are logos and text as found on the Apex or Privacy Interface product size visualizers. No external URLs, business names, advertisements or logos can be included in the background or overlay of product photos. All product photos should be unedited except in filesize cropping and file type conversion (e.g: .JPEG/.PNG to fast loading .WEBP).

Note: If you upload images to the website, you should not upload images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website, including robots can download and extract any location data from images on the website they manage to access. Use a free image editor program such as Gimp to remove EXIF data from all pictures (in the export options when saving a picture). Do not copy picture files from other devices or the internet, these files may have been shared many times. It is safer to Screenshot these pictures instead of downloading them and make an entirely new file from the screenshot or screen snip to upload in a compact format with the EXIF and other data removed.

Note: Personal Social Profile Privacy Advice: Do not post extremely sensitive information on your profile that is not essential to facilitate social interfacing with other people in order to minimize risk. Do not share sensitive pictures or information with other users, although this is allowed, only when consensual and private, it is advised against strongly due to the unethical nature of many humans. Note: the Personal Profile Social Interface section of Privacy Interface does not yet exist due to funding limitations and the advanced standards inherent in creating a truly encrypted, private and secure social media platform. (See the Privacy Interface development funding roadmap for details.)

Note: Remember to setup your order pseudonym in order to protect your real name from sellers and every human (or evil robot) that sees that name from the point of postal dispatch to the postal delivery person at the door. Ensure that this name is realistic and will not cause confusion, state suspicion or embarrassment upon delivery. It is important for this name to appear realistic. Consider using a version of your real name or a similar sounding name or a designated name to avoid a family member turning down a package as being for an unfamiliar name. Additionally you may wish to alternate between several different order names for extra ID protection. Please remember that Privacy Interface alone must be able to see your real name on our internal system in order to prevent abuse and assist in order dispute, account recovery, account data deletion or legal/refund claims on your behalf.

Cookies: Technical Necessities.

Section 8:

If you visit the login page, use a shop search, add items to basket or navigate between pages the system will set temporary cookies, 1st to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser. When you log in or add items to the basket or input information, in order to have a login or checkout system, the system will set up several cookies that save your login information, this is what constitutes the technical states that enable website functions beyond reading content on pages. If you select “Remember Me”, your login will persist for two weeks on your browser. If you log out of your account, the login facilitating cookies will be removed, this is how login mechanisms work. By using this website you agree to the use of these cookies.

Note: You should routinely clean your browser of cookies from other websites. The Privacy Interface will develop its own desktop program, app and browser in the future to overcome the necessity of using a browser to access the website and associated security issues of using web browsers. See the Privacy Interface development funding roadmap for details.

Embedded content: User Embedded content & URL links are banned.

Section 9:

Embedded content from other websites behaves in the exact same way as if the visitor has visited that website. Corporate advertising internally is banned. There is no embedded content on this website. If a user manages to embed content from another website that tracks users, that social user or seller/buyer will be banned instantly. The Privacy Interface’s Social Interfacing is for individuals not corporations or advertisement robots.

The sole external systems utilized by Privacy Interface to facilitate the function of the website:

Stripe: Payment gateway integration upon checkout payment. Financial details are processed on Stripe servers and are not processed on Privacy Interface servers or domain. (Potentially) Cloudflare: Currently uninstalled. Cloudflare may be initiated at times when required for DDOS/DOS protection. Site-wide. Initiated upon access when active. Checks to see if traffic comes from a human source. Cloudflare intervention is initiated externally to the Privacy Interface website. Currently uninstalled for privacy enhancement.

Privacy Interface is not responsible for Stripe, your bank, your email provider or (when active) Cloudflare actions or inactions in relation to user data. Note: Privacy Interface recommends the use of the encrypted, secure email provider Protonmail (not an advert) to overcome the issue of providers that block Privacy Interface default system messages or have non secure databases.

Privacy Interface uses several website plugins, to the best of Privacy Interface’s knowledge they do not transfer data out to externally viewable systems. Note: Privacy Interface is seeking to replace these with our own systems when sufficient funds to facilitate the development of effective Privacy Interface brand systems are available.

External Embedded content is banned from this website. Any user that embeds any custom code that links to external content into an item description or social post may be banned. Users are not allowed to place URL links in hyperlinked or text form anywhere. Users are also not allowed to suggest users to search for a shop or an item elsewhere in an item description, title or seller shop profile page. This will result in an account strike/ or ban at the sole discretion of Privacy Interface.

Any links placed solely by Privacy Interface are simple URL click hyperlinks or hyperlinked pictures with no external reach onto Privacy Interface beyond the outgoing click on that link.

Banned User Data rights:

Section 10:

Banned user data is not sold. Banned user data may be transfered to relevant parties to facilitate legal or security action(s) against a banned user where applicable. By committing actions that cause a user to be banned, banned users forfeit all rights over the internal control of their data. This data is then used by Apex Interface and solely Apex Interface associated platforms, projects and services to prevent banned users from ever registering on them. If you have received 3 strikes and have been banned from this website you agree to your details being permanently used to prevent you from re-registering. If you were banned due to violating the data privacy of other parties those parties will receive a notification that you violated their privacy and those parties will receive your address and contact details in order to enable them to pursue legal action against you in conjunction with proof provided by Privacy Interface. This only occurs where the instance is legally provable and a clear, unequivocal data violation can be identified.

Note: This serves as a direct and ethical deterrent against data privacy violations between users of all sizes: companies and persons alike. These policies are enforced in order to enforce the highest, most ethical and private community and service standards on Privacy Interface and Apex Interface apps, employment and services.

Measures against the Exploitation of Privacy Interface and Criminal attacks against Privacy Interface:

Section 11:

In application solely against users who engage in any form of criminal exploitation of Privacy Interface and users who broadcast that they are engaged in, or admit to real and provable acts or serious crimes, terrorism (physical) or other high grade (indictable and capital) criminal acts solely (in real time/prior to criminal conviction) in these rare instances (0 having occurred) these users upon being (theoretically) identified by reports from others users and evaluated as real and credible by Privacy Interface, would have relevant information directly reported to the most relevant Law enforcement agency by the administrators. Users should report any suspected criminal misuse of Privacy Interface to Privacy Interface to enable Privacy Interface to handle the formal investigation and reporting process as solely Privacy Interface has full access to our data and can technically prove reports. In all law enforcement relevant instances, the data of banned users who used Privacy Interface will be retained and used to prevent them from re-registering.

If legitimate law enforcement agencies request access to an under investigation/suspected-criminal (indictable/capital offence) user’s data they require an individual-specific court warrant. Privacy Interface will not accept requests for broad or algorithmic surveillance of users. Privacy Interface as an ethical platform may refuse requests for information from governments with human rights violations records. Privacy Interface will only share data with elected-government law enforcement agencies only when an indictable offence has been committed and a Law enforcement agency has a legally valid warrant for information on a specific user.

Data breach (User Profile & Financial) notification policies:

Section 12:

Privacy Interface does not store card nor financial details of customers. If a system-wide hack were to ever occur and is identified that resulted in any internal user data losses (limited to: name, address, email, phone number) all affected users would be immediately notified by email. Privacy Interface finance accounts and payments from customers are not accessible via the website. Transaction data occurs on a separate system. Privacy Interface is not liable for data theft by any external party. Privacy Interface will always report any data theft to the police if identified and will always press charges and pursue the maximum penalty against any instance of data theft or illegal data access. Privacy Interface may additionally in such circumstances press applicable charges and take legal action against identified or suspected responsible entities or persons.

User on User Data exploitation notification policies:

Section 13:

If it is determined by Privacy Interface that a user has been found to have kept information about a user without permission, beyond legal limits or to unnecessary extents (as defined by Privacy Interface) after processing a user’s order, or interfacing with a user socially or to organise private sales to then violate a user’s privacy, in cases of personal manipulation/data gathering, in return you are given the full details of that user, including their home and business addresses, name, IP address and all system evidence that proved they have violated your data rights in order to facilitate legal action in addition to that seller or user becoming permanently banned from all Apex Interface systems, platforms, apps and services.

Privacy Interface is not liable for data copied/stolen by unethical or criminal agents, users should not communicate data directly to other users they do not know. However Privacy Interface where legally helpful may provide recorded system evidence to users to take legal action against identified law violating users in legal cases in addition to banning them from Privacy Interface.

Note: This privacy document also includes privacy policies that are practically relevant only for the in-development public interface and social interface platforms yet to be released. Privacy policies for the marketplace also cover these currently non-accessible systems and social profiles which are the focus of some rules which have no effect on (but still apply to) average marketplace use.