Completed Models

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All forms of Finished Armour, Aicraft, Submarine, Ship or Space vessel Models or partially finished models. These can be ‘commission’ grade pieces of modelling artwork or unfinished, old or partially/badly built kits.

See the separate Completed Miniatures section for completed Miniatures.

Condition Advertisement rules for Completed Models:
Condition 1 is reserved solely for kits that surpass the image quality presented on model kit box artwork.
Condition 2 is for kits on par with the quality demonstrated on model kit boxes.
Condition 3 is for either unpainted, well assembled kits or well assembled, not heavily painted or models stripped of paint using Paint Remover/Detol to near the base plastic surface.
Condition 4 is for imperfectly constructed or heavily painted models.
Condition 5 is for models with obvious excessive paint layers, substantial construction errors, obvious missing parts or broken sections. (excluding aerials/antennas)

Photo Honesty and Clarity Standard: All built models need to be displayed under 2 light levels, so as to properly show the real colour and appearance under normal (flash off) and high intensity lighting (flash on).