Public Interface


Development of a public social broadcasting interface system.

The pre launch version of Apex Interface, the Mk1 version of the Privacy Interface had a very basic public notice system in development in October of 2020 however this was deleted prior to testing as it was basic and would not have been a high grade public messaging social media platform worthy of the idea concept brief designed by Apex Interface Ltd.

Privacy Interface fundraising is necessary to develop a high quality public messaging interface that will be hosted on this URL.

This public messaging system would have Privacy Interface privacy standards and allowance of and tolerance for any political perspective with no capacity for shadow banning or censorship for inclusion in the Privacy Interface family of ‘interfaces’ alongside the already live and operational market interface and encrypted private social media interface.

The sole parties prevented from using this public message system would be identified advertisment accounts, wanted criminals and all cult leaders of all perspectives who are liable to violate the privacy of their followers to force their followers to commit to them or political campaign influence accounts which would be the sole form of banned account behaviour use, banning those trying to use it as a free advertisement system essentially. + Basic criminality prevention.

This would create a public messaging system that fosters organic content, not paid for advertisement or influencing campaigns. An estimated 95% of content on all of the conceptually inferior public messaging platforms in existence right now is produced by only 5% of these inferior platform’s users, this would not be the case on the Privacy Interface public interfacing platform which would aim to be the Apex of public interfacing platforms in terms of quality and fair rules.

The re-start of development of this system requires donation support to happen within 2021. The system will be developed eventually from commission income however donations will accelerate its development. Especially specific donations from people who have communicated via their Privacy Interface account that their donation is for this use.

The public interface system will be developed from commission income eventually, however donations would accelerate its development.

How to make a £10 Donation.

How to make a £100 Donation

The best way to support the Privacy Interface is actually to list and sell your items here. The act of listing is totally free always and helps massively to increase the range of available items. Listing items for sale helps the Privacy Interface to become prominent. This means more customers for you and the acceleration of these additional aspects that will multiply the number of visitors and buyers using this website.

When an item sells there is only a flat 5% +25p commission tax. So you keep 95% minus 25p. For items under £5 the 25p tax is significant percentage wise but for higher value or bulks items (try to sell in bulk) the 25p becomes negligible. 22p of the 25p charge does not stay with Apex Interface Ltd.